Academic and Student Affairs News

Scholarships by the Numbers 20 May 2019

Scholarships by the Numbers

The Spring semester is significant in many ways, an especially important one is that we are given the honor of awarding our high achieving students with truly deserving scholarships.  Scholarships made possible by individuals and companies that believe and support the mission of CTAHR.   

New Student Orientation - Save the Date! 20 May 2019

New Student Orientation - Save the Date!

Our New Student Orientation will be mandatory this year and we anticipate a big turn out from our first time freshman and transfer students. In the months to come we will be recruiting faculty to attend.  Our students favorite is always the break out sessions by major, so please save the date!

Registration Workshop & Summer Advising 20 May 2019

Registration Workshop & Summer Advising

This summer CTAHR ASAO will be engaging our incoming students by providing extra support in the transition process. On May 15th, our CTAHR Advisors hosted an Online Registration Workshop. Incoming students had the opportunity to watch a live broadcast in which CTAHR Advisors provided an overview of  how to best prepare for registration, and a demonstration of the registration system.  Viewers had the opportunity to interact with advisors in real time, and for those that were unable to watch the live feed, the recording has been uploaded to CTAHR's YouTube Channel

More Than Just a Pretty Picture 20 May 2019

More Than Just a Pretty Picture

In partnership with CTAHR's Office of Communication, ASAO held its first student photo contest. We asked students to submit their favorite photo memories of being a CTAHR student and tell us "What CTAHR means to you". It generated new followers to CTAHR's Instagram, but most importantly it fostered a sense of community as student photos captured the breadth of experiences created through our CTAHR programs and captions highlighted just how important the people, places, and promises are in CTAHR. 

Golden Stoles of CTAHR 20 May 2019

Golden Stoles of CTAHR

This semester, EVThis semester, EVERY graduating undergraduate received a golden CTAHR stole to wear to commencement. This was a year-long partnership between ASAO and the Fashion Design and Merchandising program. We wanted our students to proudly stand united on commencement day and to carry that sense of CTAHR pride with them for the years to come. Each stole features a gold satin front embroidered with “CTAHR” and “2019”, a “made by FDM” tag, and a unique back pattern for each stole. This was not only an aesthetic choice where no two are exactly alike but also a sustainable one which utilized scrap fabric from production. We expect this partnership will grow into a strong CTAHR tradition.ERY graduating undergraduate received a golden CTAHR stole to wear to commencement.