Courses: FDM 471 International Apparel Trade Issues

Instructor: Dr. Young Jin Bahng
Method of Delivery: Asynchronously through Laulima and CTAHR's course module website.

FDM 471 course module website


International Apparel Trade Issues gives students the opportunity to explore and understand key theories, concepts and problems relating to the international trade of textiles and apparel businesses in the global economy. Readings and assignments define the scope and challenge of the international market with regard to products, services and intellectual property and how those challenges affect social/cultural, political, economic, and ethical issues around the world relative to international trade. Attention is given to importing and exporting theory and practices.

This course has a Contemporary Ethical Issues (E) Focus designation. Contemporary ethical issues are fully integrated into the main course material and will constitute at least 30% of the content. At least 8 hours of class time will be spent discussing ethical issues. Through the use of lectures, discussions and assignments, students will develop basic competency in recognizing and analyzing ethical issues; responsibly deliberating on ethical issues; and making ethically determined judgments.

Additional information on UH Manoa's Ethical issues Focus Designation.


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