Methods for Increasing Engagement


Student Learning Objectives

  • Identify the characteristics of an effective workshop
  • Be aware of different types of e-media technology
  • Understand the process and principles of app development for smart phones
  • Evaluate the different methods of delivering an extension message and increasing engagement. 



What makes a good workshop
Dr. Donna Ching

Workshops PowerPoint Slides


Effective Print Media People will Read
Miles Hakoda

Effective Print Media PowerPoint Slides


Dr. Kent Kobayashi


Matching Technology with Your Clientele: Adoption of ICT Lowband & Broadband devices in Agriculture
Elsie Kawahara

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    Mobile Apps
    Dr. Scot Nelson

    Mobile Apps PowerPoint Slides


    Learning Center
    Dr. Theodore Radovich

    Learning Center PowerPoint Slides


    Importance of 1:1 or Small Group Interactions
    Glen Teves



  • Effective Print Media

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