Courses: TPSS 475 / NREM 475* Plant Nutrient Diagnosis


Instructors: Dr. Susan Miyasaka
Method of Delivery: Asynchronously via a CTAHR Module Website, and synchronously via Blackboard Collaborate

TPSS/NREM 475 Course Module Website

This class has students identify essential nutrients required by plants, diagnose nutrient disorders in plants, and propose environmentally sound solutions to correct disorders. Prerequisites for this class include TPSS 304 or NREM 304 (or concurrent), and BIOL 172.

TPSS 475 was developed for online delivery so that UHM students could have the opportunity to learn from Subject Matter Expert, Dr. Miyasaka, who resides and conducts research on a neighbor island.  Students engaged in the content through narrated lectures, videos, and guest lecturers. StudyBlue, a flashcard website and mobile device app, was also incorporated into the curriculum to assist the students in recognizing and diagnosing plant nutrient deficiency.  Students were encouraged to be creative with their assignments, and use different software like Camtasia and PowToon. They also had the opportunity to interact with their peers and the instructors through online discussion, and occasional synchronous online meetings.

*This is sometimes offered as a cross-listed course. Courses with the same course number and the same content are sometimes utilized by multiple departments, resulting in a cross-list. This course is cross-listed between the Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM) department, and the Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences (TPSS) department.


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