Courses: FAMR 380 Research Methods


Instructor: Dr. Loriena Yancura
Method of Delivery: Asynchronously through Laulima and CTAHR's course module website.

FAMR 380 Course Module Website


This hands-­on introductory course is designed to give you a solid understanding of the fundamentals of scientific research in the social sciences. It will cover many elements of the research process: searching the literature, formulating testable hypotheses, designing studies to test these hypotheses, gathering data, using statistics to analyze the results and communicating the results of your study to others. If you plan to attend graduate school, the concepts you learn in this class will provide a strong foundation for further knowledge. If you decide to pursue a career in human services, business or marketing, you will be proficient in basic research methodology (and better at your job). Even if you decide not to pursue some type of career where you generate or use research, you will gain the skills necessary to be a critical and informed consumer.


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