Infographics Workshop

Fall 2014


Video Recording & Presentation Slides

In case you missed it, here is a recording of our workshop that was given on October 23, 2014 about Infographics. Enjoy!

Workshop Presentation Slides




Lesson Files


Create an account, or log in with your UH account information to the ThingLink Website. You have the option of creating a standard account, or an education (student or teacher) account.

You will need to download one image file, and utilize the three links provided here to complete your ThingLink lesson:

  1. Image File:
  2. Link 1:
  3. Link 2:
  4. Link 3:



Log in to go to the Piktochart website. You can use your UH login information by clicking "Sign In with your Google Account."

All files are already loaded onto the Piktochart website.


If you require information in an alternative format, please contact us