Courses: NREM 210 / PEPS 210
Introduction to Environmental Science


Instructors: Dr. Brent Sipes and Dr. Janice Uchida
Method of Delivery: Asynchronously Online via Laulima

PEPS/NREM 210 Course Module Website

This class is an analysis of our environment with an emphasis on understanding relationships and interactions of physical, biological, technological, and political components using scientific methods of inquiry. Topics covered include food supply and safety, water quality, pollution control, biodiversity, and environmental policy among others. This course is open to nonmajors.

NREM/PEPS 210 is offered face-to-face during the Fall semester, and due to high enrollment, the instructors wanted to offer an online version of the course during Spring and Summer semesters.  This course was designed to meet the needs of students who desire a high degree of flexibility in their coursework, as students progress through lesson modules and exams at their own pace.  Students are engaged through a combination of narrated lectures and videos.

General Education: Diversification of Biological Science

*This is a cross-listed course. Courses with the same course number and the same content are sometimes utilized by multiple departments, resulting in a cross-list. This course is cross-listed between the Natural Resources and Environmental Management department, and the Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences department.


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