Courses: PEPS 691
Special Topics: Extension and Adoption


Instructors: Dr. Helen Spafford

Method of Delivery: Asynchronously Online via Laulima, and synchronously via Blackboard Collaborate

PEPS 691 Course Module Website


PEPS 691 Special Topics: Extension and Adoption is a general name for a course that is a study and discussion of significant topics and problems in plant and environmental protection sciences at an advanced level. This course is typically offered by visiting or existing faculty as a special course. This course is repeatable unlimited times. Students with graduate standing or consent from the instructor may enroll in this course.

Dr. Spafford's course focuses specifically on Extension and Adoption. Extension education is an essential component of not only the Land Grant Mission of the United States Government, but also of many other institutions including non-profit agencies in the US and throughout the world. Extension requires that the agent (messenger) understand, develop, and deliver a message in an appropriate way to the target audience. Furthermore, as part of the process the agent needs to evaluate the program for success, revision, and accountability. This course explores the fundamental aspects of extension education and outreach.

PEPS 691 was created to meet the needs of Junior Extension Agents and UHM students who are interested in Cooperative Extension Services.  This course was developed for online delivery since Cooperative Extension and Research Stations are located throughout the State of Hawaii, and interested students may be located on neighbor islands.  To help cover the breadth of Extension and Adoption topics, PEPS 691 invited CTAHR Faculty and Staff to guest lecture.  With as many as 4 guest lecturers per week, students benefited from learning from each topic's subject matter expert.  Students and Dr. Spafford interacted through weekly online discussion and occasional online synchronous meetings.


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