Nutritional Sciences (MS)
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Rachel Novotny

 Agricultural Sciences 216
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Honolulu, HI 96822
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Nutritional Sciences Graduate Studies


A limited number of tuition waivers, teaching and research assistantships are available, depending on the availability of funds. Financial aid is awarded on a competitive basis based on scholarship and need.  To begin the application process, indicate in your application materials that you are seeking financial aid and why. Formal application procedures will be sent to selected applicants after they are deemed admissible by the admissions committee.

Research Assistantships(RA): 

  1. Stipends are available based on availability of grant funds from individual faculty. They usually require up to 20 hours of work per week in return for a salary and a tuition waiver. The work is intended to be in addition to the thesis research, although arrangements can often be made to relate this work to the student’s research. 

  2. Working hours are not rigid with RAs, and their work may require evenings and weekends. Students on half-time RAs (20 hours of work per week) are expected to carry 6 to 9 credits per semester and any ELI (English Language Institute) course is counted as part of the 6 to 9 credits. 

  3. Students supported by Graduate Research Assistantships are allowed one month of vacation, the timing of which is to be agreed upon by the student and the advisor. 

Teaching Assistantships(TAs ) and Merit Partial-Tuition Waivers (TWs):

A limited number of Teaching Assistantships and Merit Partial-Tuition Waivers are awarded by the HNFAS Department on a semester by semester basis. Students should contact the Department Char for information on how to apply for TA positions, and the graduate chair for TW applications. TA stipends are usually paid for up to 20 hours of work per week and include a tuition waiver. The HNFAS Department Chair will make course assignments each semester. TA's will be given specific tasks by the instructors of the courses they are assigned to. Students on half-time TAs are expected to carry 6 to 9 credits per semester and any ELI (English Language Institute) course is counted as part of the 6 to 9 credits. TWs cover only a portion of the student's tuition and the student must carry at least 8 degree-related credits to be eligible for an award.

HNFAS Department

1955 East West Road
AgSci 216

Honolulu, HI 96822

phone: 808-956-7095

fax: 808-956-4024


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