Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences

Human Nutrition

Local Foods... what nutrients are in ahi poke?  Explore our Hawaii Foods Website for answers and more.

Nutrition and Wellness... How do they relate?  Explore NEW.



Q&As for Certified Athletic Trainers  Are there Special Needs for Athletes?



Animal Growth

Outreach efforts in the field...

Drone flying over pasture in Kamuela

Spy the skies over Kamuela
Seeking Green

Food Engineering

Biosensors utilizing Fiber optic fluorescence to detect Food borne pathogens such as Salmonella and Listeria in eggs, meat, juice and milk.

Microbiol Growth in foods may cause texture change, slime formation, discoloration and Foods Safety.  Research targeting Local foods...

New Products

New Products developed by ..... usingTropical, Locally Grown crops....

HNFAS Department

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