New Students


New Student Orientation

UH-Manoa hosts new student orientation sessions every semester for freshmen, transfers, and even parents of new UH-Manoa students. Check the website for dates at the beginning of each semester or contact the New Student Programs office directly. Website:

2465 Campus Road, Campus Center 208
Honolulu, HI 96822
Telephone: (808) 956-3667• Toll Free: (888) 700-5420


NREM Advising

Prospective students may contact the undergraduate chair to make an initial appointment for advising. New NREM students are advised by the college's undergraduate advisors ( Once students are ready to select a pathway and specialization area, they are assigned to an NREM faculty member who serves as their department advisor. All students must meet with the CTAHR advisors once a semester to release the hold on their registration. Department advisors assist students with their choice of specialization electives, finding a suitable internship, and pursuing post-graduate academic and career goals.


Placement Tests

  1. Advanced Placement Scores
  2. English Language Institute Placement
  3. Pre-Chemistry Assessment (CHEM 161 only)
  4. Hawaiian/Second Language Assessment: see "Placement Exams" at for test dates and for waiver or back credits.
  5. Mathematics Assessment

All NREM majors must take NREM 203, MATH 203, or a higher-level calculus course. There is no assessment required to take NREM 203.  Students must take the mathematics assessment to place into MATH 203, a higher-level calculus course, or MATH 140 (Precalculus).

Students following the natural science pathway must also take PHYS 151+L. All students who wish to enroll in PHYS 151 must have credit for MATH 140 or a higher MATH course, or received a passing score on the mathematics assessment exam. NREM 203 does not meet the PHYS 151 prerequisite.

All NREM students must take CHEM 161+L, which requires taking the chemistry assessment. Students who do not place into CHEM 161 can take CHEM 131 as a prerequisite. 


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Undergraduate Committee


Dr. Travis Idol
(Undergraduate Chair)

Office: Sherman 125
Phone: (808)956-7508
Fax: (808)956-6539


Dr. Mahealani Kaneshiro
Office: Sherman 226
Phone: (808) 956-6343
Fax: (808) 956-6539


Dr. Tomoaki Miura
Office: Sherman 238/104
Phone : (808) 956-7333
Fax : (808) 956-6539