NREM Internship Experience

The undergraduate internship is a graduation requirement for all CTAHR majors. For NREM majors, the internship course (NREM 492, 3 cr) consists of a work experience and associated written assignments. Most students engage in the work experience during the summer but complete the assignments associated with it during the fall semester. Others may work on the internship during the academic year and finish the assignments during the spring semester. NREM 492 is offered both semesters to accommodate these varied schedules.

Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

The objectives of the work experience are to:

a) integrate and apply knowledge from your academic program to practical work responsibilities in an agricultural or natural resource field;

b) obtain experience in decision-making and to gain an understanding of interpersonal skills needed to work productively with employers, co-workers and customers/clients;

c) determine your level of interest in a specific field;

d) develop personal contacts with people in this field; and

e) identify future needs in your educational program.

The course contributes to two of the five NREM Student Learning Outcomes, including:

  1. Students demonstrate what is expected of an entry-level professional working in the field of natural resources and environmental management.
  1. Students communicate proficiently in writing and orally to both technical and general audiences in natural and social sciences.

A minimum of 135 hours of work experience are required. You will complete a journal and a written report of the work experience. Your employer will complete an evaluation of your performance at the end of your employment.

Internship Agreement and Evaluation of Student Performance

There are two forms your internship employer or supervisor needs to complete: an internship agreement and an evaluation of your performance as a student intern. Both are pdf-fillable and can be emailed back to the instructor. The evaluation form is graded based on employer ratings. You are entitled to see both forms after they have been received and evaluated by the instructor.
Internship agreement (pdf)
Evaluation of student performance (pdf)

All NREM undergraduate students must submit an Internship Approval Form before starting their internship experience. See NREM Undergraduate Internship Laulima Site for details:
  1. Read all pages on this Laulima site (left menu).
  2. After discussing your internship with your NREM Faculty Advisor, submit your Internship Approval (Google Form).
Note: this page is accessible to all NREM undergraduate students. For access, please join the site by visiting the NREM Undergraduate Internship Laulima Site.