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The Opportunity Is Now 3 April 2020

The Opportunity Is Now

Promote agriculture with the International Year of Plant Health

As the world copes with the pandemic, it becomes more and more important for all of us to promote plant health, especially in Hawaiʻi and other geographically isolated Pacific Islands that currently import more than 80% of our food. Hawai'i is also home to almost 1,400 native plant species, 90% of which grow only here.

4/8/2020 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

NREM Seminar: Greening Antarctica, Dr. David Beilman & Derek Ford

Join us Wednesday, April 8 from 3:30-4:20 pm online for the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management seminar series! Dr. David Beilman (Associate Professor, Geography) and Derek Ford (MS Student) will present: "From Ice to Plants: Greening Antarctica." (zoom link and call-in number below)




Departmentof Natural Resources & Environmental Management

Spring 2020 Seminar Series, 3:30–4:20 pm Wednesdays

Join Zoom Meeting     https://zoom.us/j/294386624

Call in  +1 669 900 6833 US; Meeting ID: 294 386624

The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the Earth’s fastest warmingregions and is experiencing rapid ecological change. We just
returned from a five week research cruise visiting sites along four
hundred kilometers of the western Peninsula region studying
plants and soils. In this talk we will describe our work using an
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) to observe land surface
properties including thermal mapping and our long-term
environmental change approach using organic sediments.
Implications for carbon cycling include changes in the southern
ocean, shelfland marine ecosystems, and plant growth on land.

Shoot the Weeds 30 March 2020

Shoot the Weeds

Tune in for grad student David Lewis’s seminar on aerial Herbicide Ballistic Technology

Zoom in this Wednesday, April 1, at 3:30 p.m., to find out about efforts to eradicate the invasive weed tree miconia with Herbicide Ballistic Technology. In this latest installment in the Natural Resources & Environmental Management seminar series, NREM grad student David Lewis will discuss “Risk & Resources for Mitigating an Incipient Miconia calvescens Invasion.”

Guides to the Garden 27 February 2020

Guides to the Garden

A new audio track helps Kauaʻi tourists be respectful of Hawaiian culture and lands

Mehana Vaughan (NREM) has collaborated with two other scholars to research, create, and implement a new audio track to be played on the tourist shuttles that travel to remote parts of Kaua‘i. The recording informs riders about the sacred areas of Kaua‘i and the roles they have played throughout Kaua‘i's history, as well as how to have a respectful and safe visit.

They Love ‘Ōhi‘a Love 27 February 2020

They Love ‘Ōhi‘a Love

Tourism award recognizes NREM efforts to combat Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death.

The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority presented educational specialist Corie Yanger (NREM), William Stormont (DLNR/DOFAW), and William Buckley (Big Island Invasive Species Committee) with the 2019 Tourism Legacy Award, Ho‘ohanohano Ho‘oilina Ho‘okipa, for their hard work and accomplishments in protecting Hawaii’s ‘ōhi‘a forests from Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death.

Farm to School and Beyond 27 February 2020

Farm to School and Beyond

CTAHR alumna joins Wai‘anae Farm to School program

Welcome back to Kristen Jamieson, the new Wai‘anae Farm to School coordinator! While her position is housed in HNFAS, Kristen is a CTAHR alumna with a B.S. in NREM and a minor in TPSS. But her previous experience working at UH as the student sustainability coordinator and at Kahumana Organic Farms makes her the perfect person to educate keiki about healthy local foods.

Join NREM 14 February 2020


Natural Resources & Environmental Management is hiring in Environmental Social Sciences

Know someone doing good work in environmental social sciences? The Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Management has posted an advertisement for a tenure-track assistant professor in the field. This is a 9-month tenure track position.

Local Ag and the Environment 26 November 2019

Local Ag and the Environment

Master’s defense will discuss the environmental cost of increasing ag

You’ve probably heard about the importance of eating more locally grown foods. What are some ecological implications? Natural Resources and Environmental Management MS student Tanya Torres will discuss her findings during her defense of her thesis, “Quantifying the Environmental Footprint of Doubling Hawai‘i’s Local Food Supply.”

Birds in the Garden 13 November 2019

Birds in the Garden

Multimedia symphony is coming to Kaua‘i

The Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds will be performed on Kaua‘i for the first time in February 2020, and help is needed to recruit teachers on the island to bring their students. All classes in grades 4–12, as well as home-schooled students, are welcome. It's a place-based interdisciplinary program that brings together science, music, art, dance, and education to tell the story of our endangered Hawaiian forest birds.

Maui Burning 5 November 2019

Maui Burning

NREM researcher warns that recent wildfires require proactive response

Clay Trauernicht (NREM) wrote a chilling article on a hot topic in Civil Beat. The wildland fire researcher and Extension faculty member discussed Central Maui fires that burned nearly 20,000 acres this summer (see image of burned area from the Sentinel-2 satellite). This “unprecedented” area reflects “dramatic increases in wildfires across the state,” he warns.

For the Birds 28 October 2019

For the Birds

Enjoy a night at the Honolulu Symphony while learning about endangered native birds

Join in the avian excitement as the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra performs the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds, an original set of works produced by Hawai‘i’s composers, artists, biologists, and educators! Melissa Price of CTAHR’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management is a creator of the concert project, bringing to it her perspective on conservation and wildlife management. It’s all happening November 5 at the Blaisdell Concert Hall!

Squirm 28 October 2019


TPSS and NREM show how studying earthworms can affect conservation

Noa Lincoln, of CTAHR’s Department of Tropical Plants and Soil Sciences, and Nathanial Wehr, of our Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, are co-authors of a new article published in the prestigious journal Science about the importance of earthworms in biosystems—and the necessity for studying these wriggly creatures so we can keep those biosystems healthy.

A Twitter Symphony 27 September 2019

A Twitter Symphony

Grade-school classes are invited to bird conservation-themed concert

Last year’s artistic and ecological success, the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds, spearheaded by Melissa Price (NREM), is coming back with two additional free keiki concert dates! This multimedia production with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra brings together music, art, and hula to teach students in grades 4 through 12 about Hawai‘i’s endangered forest bird species. 

13 September 2019

Characterizing Hawai‘i’s Natural Resources Management Sector


This report provides an update to the 2015 “Recent Trends in Hawai‘i’s Green Economy: Agriculture, Energy, and Natural Resource Management” publication, the second update since our original report in 2012. Hawai‘i’s natural resource management jobs were at least 4,697 in 2018, 33% higher than reported for 2014, which is equivalent to an annual growth rate of roughly 7%.

According to survey data, Hawai‘i’s natural resource management expenditures were at least $542 million in 2018, roughly equal to expenditures reported for 2014. Read more

New Faces: Mahealani Kaneshiro 4 September 2019

New Faces: Mahealani Kaneshiro

Welcome to Mahealani Kaneshiro—UH alumna, kanaka maoli, and uchinanchu (local descendent of Okinawan immigrants)—who is a new instructor in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM). Mahealani has a wide range of experience in college-level instruction and outreach Extension. She will be responsible for many of the required NREM undergraduate courses, including internships, and plans to teach elective and graduate-level courses as well.