General Information


NREM discovers and extends innovative, integrated solutions for sustainable natural resource use and environmental management for the tropics and beyond.


NREM integrates natural and social sciences to educate students and global citizens, discover research solutions, and extends information for sustainable use and management of natural resources and the environment.

Overview of the Department

The NREM department emphasizes the science and management of natural resources and their links to environmental quality. We provide students with scientific knowledge of the physical, chemical, biological, economic, social, and policy elements of natural resources management. This allows them to understand the principles that underpin productive, sustainable land use, and enhanced environmental quality. Graduating students will be able to solve contemporary resource use problems and assist in sound decision making for optimizing land use and managing agricultural and forestry systems, watersheds, and landscapes in an ecologically sound manner. Graduates will also be skilled in addressing resource policy issues and the needs of diverse clientele and communities including policy makers and planners. Scientific objectivity will be emphasized as an important element of environmental planning. Thus, students will be trained in the use of quantitative models and such tools as decision aids for optimizing natural resource management and ecosystem stewardship.