• Watershed Hydrology course: students measure the stream flow with FlowTracker handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) at Manoa stream.

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  • Watershed Hydrology course: measuring the stream cross-section at Manoa stream, close to Woodlawn bridge, with guest lecturer Dr. Ayron Strauch.

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Undergraduate Studies at NREM

Aloha! E Komo Mai!

Welcome to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM) at the University of Hawaii, Manoa (UH-Manoa). We are part of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR), one of the original colleges at the university. Our department's focus is preparing students to be natural resources managers and professionals, with emphases upon:

  • understanding the biophysical aspects of natural resources within a tropical island context
  • using the latest information, tools, and models to effectively manage these resources
  • discovering the real economic value of these resources and evaluating the costs and benefits of different management options
  • working with the community and stakeholders to implement practical solutions to their resource management challenges and concerns.

Our faculty represent a diversity of interests and backgrounds covering various natural and social science disciplines. Our program uses hands-on learning to complement an emphasis on the latest theories and concepts. The topics covered in NREM courses reflect the land grant tradition of our college and our commitment to serving our stakeholders as well as the environment. Although students must choose one of two pathways focusing on either the natural or social sciences, all students are required to take courses in both fields. Every NREM student is required to seek out and complete an internship according to his or her interests, providing valuable real-world experience, professional networking opportunities, and guidance for continued academic planning and future career goals. Our senior capstone course, NREM 494, requires students to work together in teams, bringing together concepts and skills from many disciplines to propose workable solutions to real-world natural resource problems.

As you explore these student advising web pages and the NREM website as a whole, we hope you learn more about what NREM has to offer you and what you can contribute to our department, college, and the university as a whole. If you have any questions or wish to receive advising as a prospective NREM student, please contact the department to arrange an appointment with an NREM advisor.

Student Learning Outcomes

The NREM undergraduate program has five overall student learning outcomes (SLOs) as goals for our students. They are:

  1. Students value science and scientific evidence in NREM.
  2. Students demonstrate what is expected of an entry-level professional working in the field of natural resources and environmental management.
  3. Students describe and interpret the theory and application of the linkages among the environment, economics, and society.
  4. Students demonstrate the relevance of biological, physical, and social science using analytical and quantitative skills in the context of NREM.
  5. Students communicate proficiently in writing and orally to both technical and general audiences in natural and social sciences.

To learn more about which NREM courses provide instruction in these SLOs and how they are evaluated, visit our undergraduate program assessment webpage

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Undergraduate Committee


Dr. Travis Idol
(Undergraduate Chair)

Office: Sherman 125
Phone: (808)956-7508
Fax: (808)956-6539
Email: nremadv@hawaii.edu


Dr. Mahealani Kaneshiro
Office: Sherman 226
Phone: (808) 956-6343
Fax: (808) 956-6539
Email: mykanesh@hawaii.edu


Dr. Tomoaki Miura
Office: Sherman 238/104
Phone : (808) 956-7333
Fax : (808) 956-6539
Email: tomoakim@hawaii.edu