Natural Resources and Environmental Management Undergraduate Program Assessment


Student Learning Outcomes

The NREM undergraduate program has five overall student learning outcomes (SLOs) as goals for our students. They are:

  1. Students value science and scientific evidence in NREM.
  2. Students demonstrate what is expected of an entry-level professional working in the field of natural resources and environmental management.
  3. Students describe and interpret the theory and application of the linkages among the environment, economics, and society.
  4. Students demonstrate the relevance of biological, physical, and social science using analytical and quantitative skills in the context of NREM.
  5. Students communicate proficiently in writing and orally to both technical and general audiences in natural and social sciences.

Levels of Mastery

NREM uses a standard learning hierarchy to assess levels of mastery for the SLOs. The general categories and levels of mastery used are:

1 = Remember and understand

2 = Apply to NREM issues

3 = Analyze and evaluate

Evaluation Categories

Instructors of NREM core and other required courses use a variety of assessment tools to evaluate student mastery of SLOs. These fall into various categories, including:

A.      Individual Assignments

B.      Group Assignments

C.      Quizzes & Exams

D.      Presentations

E.      Attendance & Class Participation

F.      Service Learning or Internship Experience

G.      Final individual project or paper

H.      Final group project or paper

I.       Final grade

Curriculum Map

The curriculum map below summarizes the SLOs, expected levels of mastery, and evaluation categories for core NREM courses and others required for the natural and social science pathways.

curriculum map

Undergraduate Program Assessment Report

All academic programs at UH-Manoa complete periodic assessment reports based on the SLOs and how they are used to facilitate reflection, evaluation, and improvement. Reports are published by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.