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Animal Science Graduate Studies


A minimum of 30 credits must be completed, including:

  • At least 18 credits of coursework, at least 12 of which must be at the 600 level or above (excluding 699 and 700) and including 2 credits of ANSC 641 (Seminar in Animal Sciences) for a grade over 2 semesters. Remaining credits must be in courses numbered 400 and above.
  • Attend ANSC 641 (Seminar in Animal Sciences) remaining semesters for Cr/NC.
  • Two credits of Directed Reading/ Research (ANSC 699). Additional credits of ANSC 699 taken can be transferred to ANSC 700, as needed.
  • Ten credits of Thesis Research (ANSC 700).
  • Candidates must be enrolled for at least 1 credit (ANSC 700) during the term in which the degree is awarded.
  • Teaching experience (one semester).

Thesis Research

Students are required to write and submit a thesis to the Graduate Division.  

Thesis Proposal

The thesis proposal should include a statement clearly defining the problem or hypothesis, review of pertinent literature and a description of the materials and methods including appropriate statistical analyses.

Thesis Defense

Copies of the completed thesis must be submitted to the committee at least two weeks before the thesis defense. A reproducible copy for The Graduate Division, signed by all members of the committee, must be deposited with the Graduate Division by the deadline specified in instructions issued to all candidates at the beginning of the term. In addition, one copy is required for the Departmental office.

The thesis defense examination should be held before the deadline posted by the Graduate Division for the semester in which the degree is to be conferred. In accordance with Graduate Division regulations, it is conducted by the thesis committee and is open to all graduate faculty members. It is not a public examination, and the privilege of attendance does not exceed beyond that stated in Graduate Division regulations. The examination should include a formal presentation of results.


Results of the student’s final thesis defense are reported on Student Progress Form III. The judgment of the thesis (satisfactory or unsatisfactory) is made on Form III by the signatures of all committee members and the Chairman of the Animal Science Graduate Program.

Thesis Submission

Once the thesis is approved and form IV is signed by all members of the committee, an electronic copy of the thesis must be submitted online by the deadline specified by Graduate Division.




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