Advising Syllabus

The Advising Syllabus is a useful guide for students that provides descriptions on advisor and student responsibilities, what advisors can assist students with, how and what type of appointments students can make, and other helpful information.


Dropping or Withdrawing from courses

View CTAHR's guidelines for dropping or withdrawing from courses. This document provides links to the Records and Registration office where official forms are located.


Graduation Procedures

A reference guide with information and timeline to prepare for graduation.

Final Degree Check 

This form is completed one semester prior to graduation with an academic advisor. The Final Degree Check is submitted to the Academic & Student Affairs Office (ASAO) with the Application for Degree. An appointment with an advisor is required to submit these forms.


Permission to Transfer / Transfer Request Form

This form is for current UHM students in another program of study who want to transfer into a CTAHR program. Please schedule an appointment with one of the academic advisors to discuss your eligibility for transfer and to complete this form. 


CTAHR Multiple Majors Policy and Guidelines

Requirements and guidelines for students wanting to declare a multiple major in CTAHR.


Time Conflict Approval Memo

For use when students want to register for courses that have a time conflict with each other. The form asks instructors for accommodations for the student to either leave early from class or arrive late. Both instructors must fill out the form before the Time Conflict approval is inputted into the student record to allow for registration of both courses. 


Records & Registration

The forms found at the website above will help students with their records and registration needs.  


Course Substitution Form

For use by CTAHR faculty advisors and academic advisors ONLY. To request substitution of course on a student's record.