CTAHR Graduation Procedures

 *Please reference the information below to prepare for graduation*

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  • Complete a “Final Degree Check” form with an academic advisor one semester before you intend to graduate. 
  • If you are pursuing an academic minor, your minor coursework must be indicated on STAR or you must complete the “Verification of Academic Minor” form with your minor advisor. You will then need to submit the minor form to a CTAHR academic advisor along with your final degree check form. 
  • You must complete the “CTAHR Exit Survey." This survey will be sent to you by your CTAHR academic advisor when you meet to complete your final degree check. After you complete the survey, you will need to show confirmation of the completion to your CTAHR academic advisor.
  • Apply for your degree online at the following website by the specified deadline: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/registrar/student-records/graduation-commencement/
  • Pay your diploma fee, which is payable online through your student account or in person at the UH Mānoa Cashier’s Office in QLCSS, Room 105.
  • Once you register for your final semester, please check your STAR academic essentials page to make sure that all sections show as “complete” or “tentatively complete”. If you notice any section that shows as “incomplete,” please contact a CTAHR academic advisor ASAP. This may mean that you are missing a requirement needed for graduation.
  • If you are planning to attend the University commencement ceremony, you must register to participate at: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/commencement/. Additional information on the commencement ceremony can also be found at this website. Summer graduates can participate in either the spring or fall commencement ceremonies.
  • During the middle of the semester that you are graduating (if you are graduating in the summer, you will receive your email in the spring), an email invitation to attend CTAHR’s Graduation Convocation will be sent to you. The Graduation Convocation is a separate event from the University’s commencement ceremony and is exclusively for CTAHR students.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to email the CTAHR Academic Advising Office at ctahradv@hawaii.edu or make an appointment through STAR Balance


Special note: Any “I” (incomplete) or missing grades in any course at UH Mānoa must be converted to a final letter grade prior to graduation or student will be required to re-apply for graduation in the following semester. 

Rev. 10/14/2022



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