To be eligible for a BS degree from CTAHR, students must complete: UHM General Education Core requirements, CTAHR College requirements, course requirements of the CTAHR major, 45 credit hours of upper division courses (300+ level courses), 2.0 GPA in major specific courses and overall UHM courses. 

All CTAHR undergraduates are required to complete a set of interrelated courses: HDFS 380/380L Research Methodology/Lab or NREM 310 Statistics in Agriculture and Human Resources (or other identified statistics as prescribed by major); and an internship or capstone course within their major field. Foreign language requirements are specific to each academic program. Check with an academic advisor for more information.

One semester prior to graduation, students will complete a Final Degree Check with their academic advisor and submit an Application for Degree.

For more information on graduation, view the Graduation Procedures document and make an appointment with an academic advisor.

Our goal here at CTAHR is to ensure our students graduate with critical skills and competencies that promote life long success.

CTAHR student marshals at commencement

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