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Nutritional Sciences Graduate Studies


Under Plan B, 30 total credits are needed including 6 to 9 credits in Directed Reading and Research and 18 credits in coursework at the 600-level or above.  The remaining credits are from electives (see below for a list of required courses and an example of course of study).

This option requires:
  1. An oral candidacy exam of basic knowledge related to the Nutritional Sciences, and
  2. A final examination based on Directed Reading and Research (Plan B).

All students are also required to have one (1) semester of teaching assistant experience either as a paid Teaching Assistant (TA), or by participating in a graduate student instructional experience.  FSHN 681 Seminar in Food and Nutritional Sciences must be taken at least four (4) times, including at least two (2) times for a letter grade (A-F).  FSHN 681 can be taken credit/no credit other times.  Only two (2) credits of FSHN 681 can be applied to meet the MS degree requirement.

Required Coursework:
  • FSHN 601 (2)  The Science of Food Systems
  • FSHN 681 (1)  Seminar in Food and Nutritional Sciences
  • FSHN 689 (3)  Nutritional Epidemiology
  • FSHN 685 (3)  Nutrition and Disease:  Cellular and Molecular Aspects, or FSHN 784 (3) Dietary Fiber, Bioactive Food Components and Health
  • One course in statistics at the 400-level or above
  • At least one of the following nutrition electives:
    • FSHN 682 (1)  Topics in Nutritional Sciences
    • FSHN 686 (3)  Advanced Child and Adolescent Nutrition
    • PH 684 (2)  Supplemental and Nutritional Approaches in Disease Prevention and Treatment
    • PH 688 (3)  Indigenous Food Systems, Environment and Health
    • FSHN 784 (3)  Dietary Fiber, Bioactive Food Components and Health, or FSHN 685 (3) Nutrition and Disease:  Cellular and Molecular Aspects
    • FSHN 785 (1)  Seminar in Diet and Cancer
  • Advisor-approved program electives to reach 18 credits of coursework

Scholarly Research Report and Final Examination:
The faculty advisor is primarily responsible for directing and guiding the student's research and writing activities.  It is the student's responsibility to select the Examination Committee in consultation with their advisor.  The committee will be responsible for conducting the final examination based on the work conducted in FSHN 699 - Directed Reading and Research.  Upon completion of the student's FSHN 699 project, the student will present a seminar and written report to the  Final Examination Committee.  A majority of the Examination Committee must approve the final seminar and scholarly written report.

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