We are looking for dedicated volunteers!

  • Provide leadership to a garden hui or participate as a member of a garden hui
  • Bring your technical skills to the garden
  • Create educational experiences to meet UGC's mission
  • Serve as an ambassador in connecting UGC with community partners

Plant sales

Bee Hui program

Why Volunteer at UGC?

Currently there are about 50-60 unpaid volunteers. They assist in planning, construction and maintenance of the gardens, in dissemination of gardening information, construction of infrastructure and buildings, and fundraising. U.H. Master Gardeners volunteer weekdays to assist homeowners with gardening questions.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, sign up for the Volunteer Training Class by submitting your name and contact information to Bea Aragon-Balgas at 453-6050 or complete the volunteer application form and email it to ugcpc@ctahr.hawaii.edu

Boardwalk Garden

New Bee Garden

Compost Hui

Grafting Hui





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About UGC volunteers

The program raises funds through educational events to purchase tools, books for our reference library, equipment needed for working in the gardens, and to fund various educational outreach programs, and other related projects. 

If you are interested in volunteering at the OUGC, DESIRE and COMMITMENT are prerequisites. There are various positions within the OUGC so an interview with one of the staff members is necessary to determine your role with the OUGC.
We provide training and once you begin working as a volunteer, you are welcomed as a member of the program.