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  • Cover crop field trial.

  • Roller crimper in a no-till system with sunn hemp cover crop.

  • Learning how to use the cover crop calculator.

  • Cover crops (left to right) cowpea, woolly pod vetch, sunn hemp with a black oat border.

  • Talking about cover crops at the Urban Garden Center.



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Selected Publications

To access PDF files of my publications, please visit ResearchGate at

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Extension Publications at CTAHR




Procedure for sunn hemp strip till cover cropping.

  • 1. Plant sunn hemp in rows for 2-3 months.

  • 2. Cut down alternate rows of sunn hemp.

  • 3. Till in alternate rows of sunn hemp.

  • 4. Transplant cucumber seedlings, trim sunn hemp living mulch.

  • 5. Trim sunn hemp living mulch once a month and use as surface mulch.

  • 6. Sunn hemp is easier mowed by flail mower.

  • 7. Close up of flail mower.

  • 8. Flail mowed sunn hemp residues.

  • 9. Sunn hemp could also be mulched down using roller crimper.


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