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  • Helping avocado farmers to battle avocado lace bug.

    Avocado Lacebug
  • DIY screenhouse with retractable wall. See VIDEO

  • Insectary setting for hydroponic pak choi.

  • Earthworms feed on vegetable waste and make vermicompost.

  • Working like bees along the trap crop to battle against diamondback moth. VIDEO

    Diamondback Moth

Book Chapter

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Guest Lecture for GoFarm New Farmer Training, April 2017

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Poamoho Outdoor Classroom Poster Series

Extension Articles

  • Braley, L., K.-H. Wang, J. Silva, T. Yan, S. Nakamoto, and W. W. Su.  2022. Repurposing papaya: Examining the potential of instant biofumigation using papaya seed waste for soil-borne disease management on leafy greens. CTAHR Cooperative Extension Publication PD-123. 7 pp.
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