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  • Students in Weed Science class (PEPS/TPSS481) have weekly hands on training at the Magoon Teaching plot to learn about organic weed management.

  • Weed Science Class learning "turn the page" weed control.

  • Invasive seaweed cleanup at Heeia pier. 

  • Students learn how to build a chicken tractor for weed control.



TPSS 481 / PEPS 481  Weed Science (3)

Weed classification, identification, adaptations for weediness; principles of weed control; properties, uses, and action of herbicides. Lab: pesticide application equipment and techniques, no-till farming, greenhouse and field experiments.

Prerequisites: TPSS 200 and CHEM 152, or consent. Fall only.

PEPS 310 Environment and Agriculture (3)

Overview of environmental issues and impacts associated with agriculture, specifically pest management issues, and options for environmentally responsible management and amelioration of these impacts.

Prerequisites: 210 or consent.

PEPS 410 Sustainable Plant and Soil Health Management (2)

This course provides knowledge and understanding of soils, agroecology, and sustainable approaches for plant health management, and prepares students for applied research in various tropical cropping systems.

Prerequisites: PEPS 210, TPSS 220, or consent.

PEPS 660 Seminar in Plant Pathology:
Research related to Sustainable Food Production (1)

Ever since the green revolution, food production and farming systems have changed rapidly to keep up with population growth. Increasing awareness of the limited nature of critical non-renewable resources, the undesirable impacts of current conventional agricultural systems, and the costs and other shortcomings of a globalized food production system are causing us to rethink how and where we grow food. Research in Plant Pathology is playing a critical role in addressing this issue. This seminar course opens the floor to present critiques of the present system and alternatives.

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