Vet students

Animal Science Undergraduate Program (BS)
Pre-Veterinary Track

 Pre-Vet Advisor


Dr. Jenee Odani, DVM, DACVP
1955 East West Road
Agricultural Sciences 314I
(808) 956-3847
Fax: 808-956-8389


Animal Experience  Experience working with animals is also required. Experience working and/or volunteering in a veterinary hospital or clinic provides the applicant with a clear understanding about the practice of veterinary medicine and an opportunity to observe and participate in clinical procedures and case studies. It also provides for an opportunity for the student to meet, get to know and obtain through satisfactory work experience, a letter of recommendation from a practicing veterinarian. 

Experience with animals is not limited to experience in a veterinary hospital or clinic; applicants can obtain a wide variety of animal experience through working or volunteering in organizations that work with animals. Organizations such as the Honolulu Zoo, Hawaiian Humane Society or neighbor island humane shelters, Waikiki Aquarium, Sea Life Park, or at any of the University of Hawaii animal facilities, such as Animal and Veterinay Service can provide meaningful animal experience. Research with animals as part of directed study with faculty at the University of Hawaii can also be applied to animal experience. Youth experience with animals such as the 4-H or FFA livestock programs can also provide experience.

HNFAS Department

1955 East West Road
AgSci 216

Honolulu, HI 96822

phone: 808-956-7095

fax: 808-956-4024


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