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Animal Science Graduate Studies


 Plan B (Non-Thesis-based Graduate Program)

A minimum of 30 credits is required including:

  • At least 18 credits in courses numbered 600 and above (excluding 699), including ANSC 601 and 2 credits of ANSC 641 (seminar)
  • Six to nine credits of directed research (ANSC 699)
  • Remaining credits must be in courses numbered 400 and above

Candidates must be enrolled for at least 1 credit during the term in which the degree is awarded. The appropriate Master’s Plan B Studies 500 may be used to meet this requirement. The 500 course is offered as a 1 credit course with a mandatory grading of S/NG, but does not carry credit toward meeting degree requirements.

Research Project

Under Plan B, students are not required to submit a thesis to the Graduate Division. However, a research report, final oral presentation and exam are required. Possible topics for the research project should be discussed with the student’s advisor. The student is required to complete the selection of his/her research project and examining committees. This is accomplished by selecting, in consultation with the advisor, at least two additional graduate faculty members to serve on the committee.

The composition of the Plan B research/examination committee is recorded on Form II and submitted to the Graduate Chair. A formal written and oral presentation of results in directed research is required of each student during his/her final semester within the deadlines posted by the Graduate Division. Copies of the completed report must be submitted to the committee at least two weeks before the final exam. The results of the exam are recorded on Form III and submitted to the Graduate Chair.


Grades of A, B, and C (not C- ) may be used to fulfill requirements for an M.S. degree. A grade of I in graduate courses (600-799) will remain unless changed by an instructor or unless the course requirements are completed by the following April 1 for Fall semester courses, or the following November 1 for Spring semester.


To remain eligible for further graduate work, students must have a B average (3.0 GPA) for all courses applied toward the degree. Students must also have a B average for all courses taken as a classified graduate student. The B average is computed for: (1) all courses numbered 300-398, 400-498 and (2) all graduate courses numbered 600 and above. The Graduate Division disregards grades or credits for courses numbered 100-298 (except those required to fulfill undergraduate deficiencies) and 500-599 (except Law and Medicine courses). Credit-hour requirements for graduate degrees can be fulfilled only with grades A, B, or C. Grades of D and F will not be counted toward the completion for requirements for advanced degrees, but will be counted in computing the grade-point ratio.

HNFAS Department

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