In Balance

In Balance
PEPS faculty Koon-Hui Wang (right) and Jamie Boyd from Windward Community College’s Nursing School are featured in the documentary film In Search of Balance, about how agroecology, soil health management, healthy diet, and human health are all interconnected. “Maybe it is time to look at our health problems from a new perspective,” suggests the film’s website, “one based on an understanding of how our health and ultimately our destiny as a species are inextricably intertwined with the natural world. In Search of Balance explores a vision of health, science, and nature that recognizes the importance of the interconnections between us, the food we consume, how we produce that food, and the natural world at large, including the mysterious, invisible world of the human microbiome. Through conversations with scientists, doctors, farmers, and personal stories of healing, In Search of Balance uncovers the myriad ways they are all connected.”