A New Wasp, and Solution of an Old Mystery 8 March 2022

A New Wasp, and Solution of an Old Mystery

A previously undescribed species is discovered on UHM campus

Mymarommatoidea is a group of miniscule but very beautiful wasps, around 0.5 mm in length – which to our eyes look like specks of dust. They’ve been elusive to entomologists, and were the last major group of parasitoid wasps about which nearly nothing was known regarding their biology. We have scant records of what they do in the world and none of what they develop on. In fact, living individuals in their natural environment have never been recorded in the scientific literature.

Here Comes the Store 8 March 2022

Here Comes the Store

Buy your CTAHR gear while the bank’s still open

Need to buy logo’d CTAHR Something for yourself or staff? Come Together and Oh! Darling please don’t delay, Because the close of Fiscal Year 2021-22 will be here sooner than you think. The Office of Communication Services has just the right regalia for Her Majesty, the Sun King and other royalty in your department – even Mean Mr. Mustard and Polyethene Pam. So without further ado, here’s what’s for sale in our Octopus’ Garden:

Small, Cryptic, and Devastating 20 May 2020

Small, Cryptic, and Devastating

Recognize the pests that threaten your backyard garden

Essentially, all crops we grow in Hawai‘i could be attacked by an insect or mite pest. Of the most significant pests, many are very small, and some barely resemble insects. So how does one go about fighting scale insects, mealybugs, whitefly, and thrips? It’s important to be able to recognize the pest, or the specific damage it causes, so you can take corrective action.

Congratulations to Dan Rubinoff 18 May 2020

Congratulations to Dan Rubinoff

Winner of the 2020 Dean’s Award for Research

Normally celebrated at the CTAHR Annual Banquet, this year’s Dean’s Award recipients will be honored here, on your laptops and tablets, and with their names carved into the plaques that adorn Gilmore Hall. Prize monies will also be distributed, per the usual means. 2020 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Researcher: Daniel Rubinoff.

What the Wasps Like 12 May 2020

What the Wasps Like

Corrected information on parasitoid wasp study

Entomology PhD student Abdulla Ali’s dissertation project, “Captive Rearing and Semiochemical Ecology of Trichogramma papilionis (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae),” was mischaracterized in the May 4 story “Fighting Insects With Insects.” CTAHR Notes apologizes for the error.


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