Maui Funding No Ka Oi

Maui Funding No Ka Oi
Here’s some information for those who are planning to apply for the Maui County FY 2019 grant competition: proposals are due directly to Maui County administrator Cindy Reeves via email at reevesc@hawaii.edu before 4 p.m. on June 14. MyGrant is not necessary; you just need to submit a 4-page Word document. Projects are expected to be completed within the calendar year; there are no extensions, and the budget needs to be firm. Also, if you are proposing a project that will be implemented at the Kula Experiment Station or the Moloka‘i Farm and will require ag tech labor for ongoing care and maintenance needs after the project ends, you’ll need have the support of the farm manager and to include a sustainability plan with your proposal (an appendix is fine). Just be aware that 75% of the ag tech time needs to be dedicated to currently funded projects, so there’s less inclination to accept long-term plantings related to this grant program that will not be supported after this grant expires. Recent grant recipients and projects include the effectiveness of using oleander as hedgerow fencing against axis deer by Alton Arakaki, management of frit fly on turfgrass in Maui by Zhigiang Chech and Norman Nagata, and expanding turmeric production in Maui County by Kylie Wong, Ted Radovich, and Sharon Wages.