The Pause That Refreshes

Space for healing meditation goes online

  • 15 June 2020
  • Author: Frederika Bain
  • Number of views: 2490
The Pause That Refreshes

“Practicing mindfulness is like weight-lifting for the mind’s frontal cortex,” says Thao Le of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. “Mindfulness provides the tools and resources to navigate through the ups and downs, the uncertainties of life, as we are now during this crisis.”

And that’s where The Pause Space comes in. A calm retreat located at Kuykendall Annex, The Pause Space offers guided mindfulness meditation to the UHM community. Although the physical area is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, The Pause Space still offers its much-needed services online to the UH Mānoa community. Each week, members from the UHM ‘ohana engage in mindfulness meditation “together,” helped by tips to boost their resiliency reservoir. Attendees attest that it’s wonderful to have a peaceful gathering of people during these trying times. 

“Just as we are practicing social/physical distancing, we need ways to practice ‘self-distancing,’ meaning taking a step back from the incessant chatter and negativity,” says Thao. “Sustained activation or over-activation of the stress response will deplete our emotional and mental resources. This limits our ability to learn new things, be creative, and solve problems judiciously, not to mention lowering our immune functions!”

To help with that, The Pause Space allows people to recharge and relax in a safe, peaceful spot with like-minded individuals. Consider joining in for a chance to quiet your mind and spirit! On hiatus for the summer, The Pause Space will continue to welcome first-time and returning visitors when Fall semester starts.