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PEPS Faculty

Wang, Koon-Hui

Professor & Chair  

Email:  koonhui@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-2455
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Akahoshi, Kiersten

Jr Extn Agent  

Email:  Kiersten@hawaii.edu
Phone:  969-8229
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Alvarez, Anne M

Plant Pathologist, Emeritus  

Email:  alvarez@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7764
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Arif, Mohammad

Asst Rsrch/Asst Prof  

Email:  arif@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7765
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Bloese, Joanna

Asst Spec  

Email:  bloese@hawaii.edu
Phone:  969-8225
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Cheng, Zhiqiang


Email:  cheng241@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-6416
Special Skills and Knowledge:  


Dobhal, Shefali

Jr Rsrch  

Email:  shefali@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7027
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Doorenweerd, Camiel


Email:  camiel.doorenweerd@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-9123
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Grace, J Kenneth

Researcher Emeritus  

Email:  kennethg@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956
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Hu, John

Plant Pathologist  

Email:  johnhu@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7281
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Jenkins, Daniel


Email:  danielje@hawaii.edu
Phone:  781-1343
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Kawate, Michael K


Email:  mkawate@hawaii.edu
Special Skills and Knowledge:  


Krushelnycky, Paul

Asst Rsrch  

Email:  pauldk@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-8261
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Manandhar, Roshan

Assistant Extension Agent - Invasive Species  

Email:  roshanm@hawaii.edu
Phone:  274-3477
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Mau, Ronald F L


Email:  ronaldma@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7076
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Melzer, Michael J


Email:  melzer@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7887
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Nishijima, Wayne T


Email:  waynen@hawaii.edu
Phone:  981-5199
Special Skills and Knowledge:  


Rubinoff, Daniel


Email:  rubinoff@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-8432
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San Jose, Michael

Jr Rsrch  

Email:  mdsjose@hawaii.edu
Phone:  946-2436
Special Skills and Knowledge:  


Sato, Dwight M


Email:  dwights@hawaii.edu
Phone:  981-5199
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Shikano, Ikkei

Assistant Professor  

Email:  ishikano@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-2000
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Sipes, Brent S

Professor Plant Pathology  

Email:  sipes@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7813
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Tay, Jia-Wei

Asst Professor/Asst Specialist  

Email:  jwtay@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-6744
Special Skills and Knowledge:  


Tian, Miaoying

Associate Researcher/Professor  

Email:  mtian@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-5305
Special Skills and Knowledge:  


Valenzuela, Hector R


Email:  hector@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7903
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Villalobos, Ethel M

Jr Rschr  

Email:  emv@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-2445
Special Skills and Knowledge:  


Wright, Mark G.

Prof of Entomology and Extension specialist  

Email:  markwrig@hawaii.edu
Phone:  956-7670
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Planting Basil at Waimanalo

Triple ARC! 20 June 2024

Triple ARC!

CTAHR has three PhD winners this year

Congrats times three to Mason Russo, Jordie Ho, and Benjamin Wiseman – all CTAHR PhD students and all recipients of 2024 Scholar Awards from the ARCS Foundation, Honolulu Chapter. Mason wins the Maybelle F. Roth Award in Conservation Biology and the Jane and Dan Katayama ARCS Scholar of the Year Award. 

Gene Editing 29 April 2024

Gene Editing

Grad student’s work on papaya bears fruit

Papaya is an economically significant crop in Hawaiʻi and other tropical and subtropical locales. However, various diseases, drought, and heat stress threaten crop productivity. To improve resistance to these threats, an efficient gene-editing system was developed by graduate student, Marc Elias in the laboratory of David Christopher 

Open House 31 January 2024

Open House

PEPS’ Insect Museum celebrates Darwin’s 215th birthday

See! Crazy carnivorous plants, courtesy of the Lyon Arboretum/UH Botany.

See! Dizzying diversity of native Hawaiian flies, courtesy of the UH Center for Conservation Research & Training.

See! Bewildering mantis shrimps, courtesy of the Porter Vison Lab.

That Ain’t No Ornament 13 December 2023

That Ain’t No Ornament

PEPS prof tells KHON2 audience to watch for invasive species in their Christmas tree

“Christmas trees are actually natural habitats for lots of creatures, especially during the Fall months. That dense foliage is perfect for sleeping through the winter. So a lot of insects, slugs, snails, salamandars, even snakes, snuggle up into these trees. And when the trees are cut, wrapped, and sent here to Hawaiʻi, with AC to keep them comfortable, those pests arrive in pretty good condition.”

The Pumpkin Queen 8 November 2023

The Pumpkin Queen

PEPS students up their game for jack ʻo lantern contest

The entries for the 2023 PEPS Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest get better every year – and the two-point difference between 1st and 2nd place, and 1-5 point differences between 3rd through 6th places – speak volumes! Thank you to all those who took time out of your busy schedules to submit these creative masterpieces, and to those who came to enjoy their efforts and vote!

Feral Goats and Wildfires 8 November 2023

Feral Goats and Wildfires

PEPS prof pens an opinion piece for Science

Removing invasive plants and restoring native ones is key to lowering the risk of wildfire in Hawaii, but what might get left out of the conversation is the role of feral goats. Left to their own devices, these voracious animals eat native plants and strip bark from native trees, leave “large swaths of land open for the spread of invasive fire-adapted species, creating a cycle of ever-increasing fires and opportunities for invasive species.”

Tamashiro’s Termites 8 November 2023

Tamashiro’s Termites

Late PEPS prof is inspiration for int’l conference

If you’ve ever wondered why some buildings in Hawaiʻi are eaten alive by termites, while others seem to stand the test of time just fine, it might be due to whether the foundation is wrapped in a Basaltic Termite Barrier. The patented, non-chemical, subterranean, stainless-steel screen that is still in use today was invented by CTAHR entomologist Minoru Tamashiro. 

Eyes Wider Open 8 November 2023

Eyes Wider Open

An entomology student benefits from attending int’l conference

Presenting his research on hala scale was Mason Russo’s initial, official reason for attending the 2023 Society of Island Biology annual meeting in Lipari, Italy. But the overall experience – being surrounded by like-minded scientists from exotic locales across the globe – was also enlightening and eye-opening for this PhD candidate in the Dept. of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences.

From Learning to Leading 9 July 2023

From Learning to Leading

PEPS receives mega grant to create biosecurity career pipeline

Did you know Pres. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act includes a $262.5 million investment in Ag workforce development? What’s more, USDA/NIFA-designated “institutions of higher education to foster the next generation of diverse agricultural professionals” that will receive these mega grants include CTAHR’s Dept. of Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences, which will partner with Leeward Community College and Oklahoma State University under the stewardship of PI Mohammad Arif. 

Congrats, Zhiqiang Cheng! 27 July 2020

Congrats, Zhiqiang Cheng!

Turfgrass and landscape pest expert wins arboricultural award

Golf courses, resorts, and homeowner lawns across the Islands rely on Hawai‘i sunshine, good irrigation, and the expert guidance of Zhiqiang Cheng of the Dept. of Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences.