Courses & Syllabi  (Undergraduate & Graduate)


Academic Advisors are available to meet with all new, current, and future (prospective) College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) undergraduate students.

Advising is mandatory each semester for current undergraduate students and appointments are required to see an advisor.

(* Sustainability Courses)

PEPS 210* Intro to Environmental Science
PEPS 250 World of Insects (Hybrid-Online)
PEPS 310* Environment and Agriculture
PEPS 350 Invasive Pest Species
PEPS 363 General Entomology
PEPS 363L General Entomology Lab
PEPS 371* Genetics: Theory to Application
PEPS 405 Plant Pathogens and Diseases
PEPS 410* Sustainable Soil and Plant Health Management
PEPS 418 Turf pest management
PEPS 421 Foundations of Pest Management
PEPS 422* Biocontrol of Invasive Species
PEPS 430 Plant Disease Management
PEPS 451 Environmental Law
PEPS 463 Medical and Urban Entomology
PEPS 481 Weed Science
PEPS 486 Insect-Plant Interactions
PEPS 491 Topics in Plant and Environmental Protection
PEPS 495 PEPS Capstone
PEPS 499 Directed Research
PEPS 601 Agrosecurity and Food Safety
PEPS 605 Biology of Plant Pathogens: Fungi and Nematodes
PEPS 606 Biology of Plant Pathogens: Bacteria and Viruses
PEPS 611 Professional Development
PEPS 615 Diagnosis and Management of Tropical Plant Diseases
PEPS 615L Diagnosis and Management of Tropical Plant Diseases Laboratory
PEPS 616 Plant Nematology
PEPS 627 Molecular Diagnostics: Principles and Practices
PEPS 630 Plant Virology
PEPS 641 Insect Physiology
PEPS 646 Plant-Bacterial Interactions
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