Teens in Training 8 November 2023

Teens in Training

Maui 4-H hosts statewide disaster preparedness

In response to the wildfire disasters in Lahaina and Kula, Maui 4-H quickly organized a statewide disaster response training – Hawai‘i’s first-ever event tailored specifically for teens. With 110 high school students from every Hawaiian island gathering at Baldwin H.S. in Wailuku, and a program based on the national Community Emergency Response Team administered by FEMA, it was a rare and valuable opportunity to both train for emergencies and discuss ways to contribute to the long-term disaster recovery process and future disaster planning.

Down Under 8 November 2023

Down Under

The ARTS at Marks Garage presents HNFAS profʻs photography

You probably know Andre Seale as a foremost authority on fish endocrinology and physiology, or as the 2023 recipient of the CTAHR Dean’s “Ka Pouhana” Mentor Award for Excellence. But the life aquatic with this professor in the Dept. of Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences also refers to the many, many hours he’s spent underwater as an expert scuba diver and award-winning wildlife photographer.

Houston, We Have a PFA 8 November 2023

Houston, We Have a PFA

FDM looks to NASA to improve firefighter gear

You’ve seen Shark Tank? Well, welcome to Space Tank. A UH research team led by Shu-Hwa Lin of the Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences, Fashion Design and Merchandising Program, is heading to Houston to compete in NASA’s MITTIC Competition. Besides participating in the federal space agency’s contest – the first Hawaiʻi group to do so – the team will seek guidance from NASA experts who study fire resistance during spaceship re-entry.

Top 1% 8 November 2023

Top 1%

TPSS prof is recognized for contributions to fungi research

Congrats! to Nhu Nguyen, who was recently awarded the Constantine J. Alexopoulos Prize from the Mycological Society of America. According to the International Center for the Study of Research, Nhu was ranked in the top 1% of all scientists, and the top 1% in the field of “Mycology & Parasitology" out of nearly 26,000 researchers world-wide for the year 2023. 

Aloha Airlines – The Collection 8 November 2023

Aloha Airlines – The Collection

Flight attendant uniforms land at UH Historic Costume Collection

Aloha Airlines, fondly remembered as “The People’s Airline,” flew across Hawaiʻi’s skies from 1946-2008. Though the company closed its doors 15 years ago, its legacy continues with their Flight Attendant Uniform Collection. More than 60 years of flight attendant uniforms reflect current fashion trends, as well as features local designers and manufacturers.

Top 1%