Circle of Giving

Hand sanitizer donation supports fruit donation

Circle of Giving

The Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering’s Fermentation Biochemistry class, and their mock company 3Rewery, have donated more than 6 liters of hand sanitizer to the volunteers at the Urban Garden Center.

Four liters went to the UGC’s Fruit Hui, a dedicated group of six volunteers who continue to meet every week, always keeping proper social distancing, to maintain the tropical fruit orchard and harvest fruit—which is entirely donated to the Hawaii Foodbank. The volunteers typically harvest 200+ pounds of fruit per week, including breadfruit, papaya, and citrus.

Having a ready supply of hand sanitizer is critical while the volunteers harvest, wash, pack, store, and deliver the fruits. With sanitizer so scarce and expensive in stores, the donation was a huge help to support CTAHR volunteers and their efforts to deliver healthy food to those in need.

Longtime volunteer Susie Ota, leader of the Fruit Hui, says, “We were so happy and grateful to receive the sanitizer—thank you!”

Junior Extension agent Kalani Matsumura is also harvesting lemongrass from the Urban Garden Center’s volunteer-maintained herb garden to add a pleasant scent to future batches of hand sanitizer by 3Rewery.


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