Global Interest 18 November 2022

Global Interest

HNFAS Extension is recognized by NIFA

Congrats to Mark Thorne on a Partnership Award for Multistate Efforts! His National Connections Teams for Forest & Rangeland Resources team was recognized by the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture for developing the web-based conference series, “Strengthening RREA programing Through Enhanced Connections.”

Shrimp in the Mekong 18 November 2022

Shrimp in the Mekong

MBBE will partner with Can Tho U. on climate-smart agriculture

If you’re not familiar with CTAHR’s Environment and Bioenergy Research Group, just ask the faculty and students of Can Tho University in Vietnam. Led by Samir Khanal of the Dept. of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, the group will soon travel to the Mekong Delta in a new international effort “pairing some of the United States’ top research institutions and scientists with their counterparts from countries where agriculture is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change,” notes the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

Phantastic Phantoms 18 November 2022

Phantastic Phantoms

PEPS’ jack-o-lantern contest is flat-out awesome once again

Stop what you’re doing, open your calendar, and schedule a visit to the 3rd floor of Gilmore Hall next Halloween 2023, because the jack-o-lanterns sculpted by CTAHR students will be nothing short of astonishing. Check out this year’s entries for the pumpkin carving contest sponsored by the Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

A-Maize-ing Science Fair 18 November 2022

A-Maize-ing Science Fair

Be at Campus Courtyard on Dec. 2

On December 2, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Michael Muszynski and his Genome Engineering to Sustain Crop Improvement team will be in the UHM Campus Center Courtyard to to showcase the latest research and tools to study maize (corn). 

Life Skills 18 November 2022

Life Skills

4-H creates a youth entrepreneurship pilot program

Imagine a club where youths meet weekly, participate in hands-on activities that spark creativity and innovation, and learn business components such as customer service and marketing. Throw in a food safety course from the state Dept. of Health and ways to incorporate Hawaiian values, agriculture, and local value-added product innovations into their business strategy. Top it off with a capstone project, a Keiki Open Market, where the youths showcase their vegetables, value-added products, and other inventions.