Connecting Kids to Food

  • 18 October 2018
  • Author: Frederika Bain
  • Number of views: 6902
Connecting Kids to Food

In a column in the Star-Advertiser, junior Extension agent Emilie Kirk details how the “Farm-to-School Program Connects Kids to Food.” She explains that October is a great time to think about school gardens, since it’s national Farm to School month and there’s plenty of work to do in the garden beds. She notes that children are so much more willing to eat vegetables and try new foods when they’ve grown and harvested them themselves, and there are several programs that are helping schools to be able to use the produce grown in their own gardens. Emilie also discusses the potential problems with maintenance of school gardens, but reassures readers that CTAHR Master Gardeners are available in every county to serve as advisors on school garden projects, helping with ideas on everything from irrigation and weeding to food safety. She also has suggestions for creative ways teachers can incorporate school gardens into their curricula for classes from math and science to Hawaiian culture and art. The column also gives useful websites where schools and interested community members can learn more. If you’re a parent, teacher, or school administrator, or know someone who is, you’ll find something of interest in this helpful article, so take a look!