• 25 October 2018
  • Author: Frederika Bain
  • Number of views: 7074

Although 4-H isn’t just about “cows and cooking,” as popular perception often has it, these are iconic activities for a reason! And while East Hawai‘i 4-H has cattle covered, there hasn’t been as much cooking going on in this chapter. So over the recent Fall break, organizers decided to hold a 4-H Cooking 101 Day Camp, and participants were glad they did! On the first day a dad taught the campers how to make pizza from scratch, and on the next day a grandfather taught them to clean fresh-caught fish and cook fish fillets. Mid-week the kids and their mentors made tomato beef, and to round out the last two days, participants learned to make homemade marinara sauce and homemade pasta…all from scratch. And for dessert, the kids made ice cream sandwiches from cookies they baked themselves. Even better, the recipes were health conscious as well as ‘ono, so the kids got to learn about what constitutes healthy eating. Besides ending each day full from eating, the members are now full of fun memories and new skills that will be invaluable. They learned the basics like food safety; properly using cooking utensils; handling sharp knives; and using the oven, skillet, and microwave. But the best thing that came out of this day camp was that the volunteers who taught in it offered to help develop an ongoing 4-H cooking club! Some of the funds to help with this day camp came from 4-H Paper Clover Campaign funds, with help from Del’s Feed & Farm Supply—thanks, Del’s! Photos from this day camp can be found on the East Hawai‘i 4-H Facebook page.