Fire and Rain 24 July 2020

Fire and Rain

SOEST and CTAHR document the first hurricane to cause both flooding and multiple fires.

Hurricane Lane hit Hawai‘i in August 2018, dropping a four-day single-station maximum of 57 inches of rain on Hawai‘i Island, making it the wettest tropical cyclone ever recorded in Hawai‘i. Ironically, conditions at the edge of the storm resulted in dry, windy weather conducive to fire.

Bringing UH to Cambodia 24 July 2020

Bringing UH to Cambodia

FCS joins a $1 million project to study socioeconomic and environmental shifts.

Southeast Asia is undergoing a sea change in socioeconomics and the environment. But its people won’t have forge ahead alone. Wth a new $1 million donation from the Henry Luce Foundation, the UH Center for Southeast Asian Studies will work to create mentorship programs that transcend institutional boundaries through joint fieldwork, professional training, conference participation, and scholarly publication.

Sweet! 24 July 2020


Learn about Native Hawaiian sweet potato varieties

‘Uala, or sweet potato, was a canoe crop brought to the Islands by the Native Hawaiians and was an important source of nutrition. Find out more about the many heritage varieties at Todd Anderson’s defense of his master’s thesis, “Exploration of Agrononomic Variation in Hawaiian Heritage Sweet Potato.”

Vegetable Garden Isle 22 July 2020

Vegetable Garden Isle

Extension agents feed the hungry with the fruits of their research

The Kaua‘i community has a long history of helping one another, and CTAHR’s Kaua‘i Cooperative Extension is no exception—agents recently donated 556 pounds of vegetable greens to the Hawai‘i Foodbank there. The vegetables were grown at the Kaua‘i Agricultural Research & Extension Center by assistant Extension agents James Keach and Emilie Kirk, with the help of agricultural technicians Andrew Ehlert and Michael Carle.

Soil Rx 22 July 2020

Soil Rx

Extension offers conference on soil health

The United Nations has declared 2020 the International Year of Plant Health, and healthy plants need healthy soil! Find out how to foster and maintain it at the Cooperative Extension Virtual Soil Health and Sustainable IPM mini-conference on Tuesday, August 4, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.