Counting What We’ve Lost

  • 18 October 2018
  • Author: Frederika Bain
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Counting What We’ve Lost

Ag economist Matthew Loke (NREM) recently conducted and completed a Survey on Farm Disasters caused by Kilauea’s east rift zone eruptions, at the request of the Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association (HFNA) and Interim Extension Associate Dean Kelvin Sewake. The task of collecting data was assisted by HFNA and CTAHR’s Extension agents, who helped to distribute the survey questionnaire. Results indicated a $27.9 million loss by 46 affected farmers and a displacement of 1,337 acres of arable land. The highest losses occurred to floriculture and nurseries ($13.3 million) and papayas ($6.5 million). The survey results will be used by HFNA to seek federal, state, and county government assistance for farmers affected by the volcano to provide disaster relief and to help farmers return to farming their crops as soon as possible. The Star-Advertiser has an article with more detail.