Pesticide Risk Reduction Education Short Course: October on Oahu

Registrations are being accepted for the "Pesticide Risk Reduction Education" short course scheduled for island of Hawaii:
* October 16 - 17, 2018. 8:15 - 4:00 on both days.
* In Pearl City
* Registration deadline: September 18, 2018
* Registration fee: $100 per person
* Study packet fee: $35 (if you need study guides)

This course would benefit people who want to be better informed about handling pesticides properly or prepare for the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s certification exam for restricted use pesticides. (Certification exams will be conducted at separate sessions by Hawaii Department of Agriculture employees.)

The complete announcement is posted at

Here are three parts of the announcement:

INTRODUCTION--This in-depth two-day short course is about handling pesticides, including herbicides, in ways that will reduce risks to people and our environment. It will be conducted by an instructor from the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii at Manoa. The course does not include the exam for restricted use pesticide certification. (If you want to take one of the certification exams offered by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, read the note “EXAMS FOR CERTIFICATION” near the bottom of this page.)

WHO WOULD BENEFIT?--The course would benefit people who want to be better informed about handling pesticides properly or prepare for the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s examination for restricted use pesticide certification. (Certified applicators will not earn re-certification credits by attending this course.)

TOPICS--The instructor will discuss the topics covered by the study guides in the basic or “core” study packet, which provide general information common to all categories of certification exams. Certain topics such as identification and life cycles of specific pests and specialized equipment and calculations are covered only by the study guides in “category-specific” study packets, not in the short course. So if you plan to take a certification exam, you should also study the “category-specific” study guides, such as those in the “Private 1,2,3” study packet, the “Commercial 2 Forest pest control” study packet, or the “Commercial 7a,b,c,d,e pest control” study packet. (The complete list of categories of study packets is at https://cms.ctahr.hawaii.edu/epp/Education/Study-Guide-Packets.)
The basic or “core” topics to be covered in the short course include:
• Types & formulations of pesticides
• Laws & regulations about buying, storing, transporting, applying, and disposing of pesticides
• Importance of a pesticide product’s labeling and safety data sheet (SDS).
• Integrated pest management (IPM) concepts and components.
• Common pests’ general identification features & life cycles
• Application methods
• Main parts of common spraying equipment
• Dilution and dosage instructions on pesticide labels
• Calculating sizes of treatment sites
• Pesticides in the environment
• Hazards to pesticide handlers
• Protective clothing & safety equipment
• Mixing, loading, application, transport, storage, and disposal
• Washing work clothing
• First aid for pesticide exposure

The complete announcement details "Registration, "Study guides, "Exams for certification, and "Free booklets available before short course begins." Get it from https:https://cms.ctahr.hawaii.edu/epp/Education/Short-Course-Schedule/Oahu
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