Strong Bones

  • 18 April 2018
  • Author: Frederika Bain
  • Number of views: 8523
Strong Bones
Heather Greenwood Junkermeier (FCS) recently published an article in Maui News entitled “Osteoporosis Affects Both Genders.” She tells readers, “Although osteoporosis is traditionally thought of as a woman’s disease, it affects both men and women and begins years, often decades, before the first visible sign—which is often a fractured bone.” She explains what osteoporosis is and what the risk factors of the disease are. She then suggests ways to mitigate them, including quitting smoking and participating in regular weight-bearing exercise, even as simple as walking or taking a hula class. For those who have the disease, it’s important to avoid falls, since bones break more easily and heal more slowly. Ways to mitigate fall risks include reviewing the side effects of medications, limiting alcohol consumption, wearing shoes that provide stability, and using glasses and balance assists like canes or walkers if necessary. People can also make their houses safer by installing handrails and good lighting, getting rid of small throw rugs, keeping a flashlight by the bed in case the power goes out, and using reach sticks to reach high places. Check out the article for more helpful tips!