Climate Solutions, Fast

  • 7 March 2018
  • Author: Frederika Bain
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Climate Solutions, Fast
One of the world’s preeminent climate scientists, Dr. Chris Field from Stanford University, will be presenting “Climate Change Impacts and Solutions: Finding the Accelerator Pedal” as part of the 2018 Geography Distinguished Lecture Series. The lecture will be held at the Art Auditorium (Room 132) on Friday, March 16, at 3:00–4:30 p.m. (doors open at 2:30). As Dr. Field explains, “We live in a world where the risks from a changing climate are clear. In many ways and in many places, progress in deploying solutions is dramatic. But worldwide, progress is much slower than it needs to be, if we are to avoid the worst impacts.” Hence the need to step on the accelerator. One of the top three most cited scientists in the world on climate change issues, Dr. Field has authored more than 300 scientific publications on climate change, including climate modeling, developing renewable energy systems, and involvement of community organizations to minimize climate-related risks. He was one of the lead authors of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Come hear him speak and find out what you can do to help! The event is free and open to the public.