Master at Mentorship

  • 1 May 2017
  • Author: OCS
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Master at Mentorship

8/9/2017 Source: Office of Communication Services, CTAHR

Upon joining the Department of Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering (MBBE) in 2007, Jon-Paul Bingham first led a charge to redesign the biochemistry core teaching in an effort to provide professional development courses for MBBE graduate students. His dedication to students earned him the reputation as a “get the job done” professor…and UH Manoa’s 2017 Peter V. Garrod Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award.

Having worked with more than 30 graduate research students, he now serves as departmental graduate chair, enhancing one of UH Mānoa’s largest graduate programs. He has engaged MBBE graduate students to take responsibility for planning their future careers and professional goals, thus empowering them to prosper from their UH Mānoa education. But as Bingham will stress, “This is not just one person’s efforts, but the endeavors of dedicated faculty and motivated students wishing to improve their graduate experience at UHM.” Bingham says he just provided the map, the compass, and raised the bar a few notches.

The Garrod award is named for CTAHR Researcher Pete Garrod, who served several years in UH Manoa’s Graduate Division.