Healthy and Happy at Home

FETCH tips on parenting and family activities

Healthy and Happy at Home

Sheltering at home, but not quite achieving the “quality time” you envisioned for learning and family bonding? The Family Education Training Center of Hawai‘i (FETCH) has some ideas for you.

In its Spring 2020 newsletter, program manager Norman Tansey explains how to create and cultivate raised beds for gardening, including links to cool garden bed ideas. How about an herb wheel, a tiered pyramid bed, or a high raised bed with built-in benches?! Norman also provides a helpful video on mistakes to avoid when making a raised bed.

Or check out “Winning Cooperation Through Understanding,” program coordinator Linda Perry’s article on how to get children to be more willing to hear what you’re saying and work with you to change their behavior by using understanding and empathy. For instance, try checking with your keiki to make sure you’re reading their emotions correctly: “It sounds like you might be feeling _____. Is that so?” Then use this understanding to create a point of connection: “I remember when I was feeling angry like that when…” Feeling understood and respected might help your little one work on a solution with you.

Today, Friday, May 29, at 7:00 p.m. at Hale Tuahine, the FETCH program is meeting for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing will be observed and face masks will be worn.

To find out more about FETCH or receive a copy of the newsletter, write to fetchoahu@gmail.com.

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