Direct-to-Consumer Livestock Sales

Learn how to e-market your animal products online

Direct-to-Consumer Livestock Sales

Know about livestock, but not about social media? If you’re interested in diversifying your business by marketing meat and other animal products direct-to-consumer, then RSVP for a new “Online Livestock Marketing Webinar Series,” starting Tuesday, May 19, at 6:00 p.m.

In this free, informal panel session hosted by CTAHR Extension agents Savannah Katulski, Shannon Sand, and Melelani Oshiro, livestock producers across the state will discuss engaging in various methods of direct-to-consumer sales and marketing. Panelists will share their experiences getting started in direct-to consumer-marketing, including what tools they use and what methods of marketing and online sales platforms work best for them. 

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“The goal is to introduce online marketing, social media, online sales platforms, and the importance of branding products,” says Savannah. “It is designed to be a beginner-level program for anyone who has no experience in these areas. We hope it will help support livestock producers who have considered marketing their animal products directly to the consumer, but felt they didn't have the necessary skills to do so, emphasizing the use of online platforms.”

Got questions? Contact Savannah (katulski@hawaii.edu) or Shannon (srsand@hawaii.edu).