Flood Prediction

Join this PhD proposal defense on the causes of flooding in Hawaiʻi

Flood Prediction

Flooding is a significant threat to life and property. The National Weather Services reported that among all the natural hazards in Hawai‘i, flooding causes the most property damage, as well as frequently threatening human lives.

Join doctoral candidate Yu-Fen Huang for her dissertation proposal defense, “Advancing Knowledge on Causes and Mechanisms of Flooding in Hawai‘i,” to find out more. Her Zoom defense will be held on Wednesday, May 20, at noon (12:00).

“Does the changing climate worry you? Will heavy rain cause unprecedented flooding, similar to the  catastrophic 49.67 inches that fell on Waipa Garden, Kaua‘i, on April 14, 2018? Will it happen where you live? Join us and learn what we know and what we’d like to find out about the causes and mechanisms of flooding in Hawaiʻi,” says Yin-Phan Tsang, committee chair.

Meeting ID: 964 1194 5249.