Owl Right! 19 June 2020

Owl Right!

On June 30, NREM grad student will discuss endemic, endangered pueo

You may have been lucky enough to see a pueo swooping by at dusk, when these endangered endemic owls like to hunt. But their numbers are declining, and not enough is known about them to help their recovery. Laura Luther, M.S. candidate in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, defends her master’s thesis, “Factors Influencing the Distribution of the Hawaiian Short-eared Owl (Pueo).” 

Runoff and Hawaiʻi Coral 10 June 2020

Runoff and Hawaiʻi Coral

Master’s thesis investigates the human impact on native soft octocoral

How are humans impacting the amazing corals in the ocean with runoff and other stressors? Find out at Anita Tsang’s defense of her master’s thesis proposal, “Using an endemic Hawaiian soft coral, Sarcothelia edmondsoni, as a bioindicator of freshwater input and anthropogenic influence.”

Flood Prediction 8 May 2020

Flood Prediction

Join this PhD proposal defense on the causes of flooding in Hawaiʻi

Flooding is a significant threat to life and property. The National Weather Services reported that among all the natural hazards in Hawai‘i, flooding causes the most property damage, as well as frequently threatening human lives. Join doctoral candidate Yu-Fen Huang for her dissertation proposal defense, “Advancing Knowledge on Causes and Mechanisms of Flooding in Hawai‘i,” to find out more.

The Next Generation of Natural Resources 30 April 2020

The Next Generation of Natural Resources

Students present their projects online

Join in as the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management spotlights outstanding undergraduate and graduate student work through Zoom presentations on Tuesday, May 5, and Wednesday, May 6.

More Natural Resource Management 23 April 2020

More Natural Resource Management

Grad students present their capstone projects

Despite the challenges and changes to their learning environment, graduate students in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management are persevering. Now is your chance to support these shining lights of NREM’s Masters of Environmental Management program—and learn how CTAHR students are supporting the environment.


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