Fashion Mavens Enjoy a “Sweet Escape”

  • 29 April 2019
  • Author: Frederika Bain
  • Number of views: 3490
Fashion Mavens Enjoy a “Sweet Escape”

For one glamorous and dazzling evening, Honolulu was the fashion capital of the Pacific as UH students and models presented the “next big thing” in clothing design at the 53rd Fashion Show.

Against the exquisite backdrop of the Hawaii State Art Museum on a cloudless Sunday night, models in dresswear, swimwear, menswear, and the individual collections of three junior FDM designers strutted down the runway.

In this year’s design collections—“Underexposed Exposé,” “Bloom Where You Are Planted,” “Celestial Bodies,” “Met Gala,” “Rustic Roundup,” and “Midnight Edge”—the students carried on the art and spirit of past UH Fashion Shows while seeking to capture the essence of their own artistic abilities and innovations.

“Sweet Escape” was the triumphant conclusion to a schoolyear filled with event planning and preparation coupled with the creation and custom-tailoring of a wide array of new and inventive designs.

“It’s been an amazing process,” says Kristen Domingcil (FDM). “Everything is coming together, everyone is pulling together. The production-side students are coordinating with design-side students.”

“The Sweet Escape was very exciting for me, because my students could showcase their creations and inspirations,” says Minako McCarthy (FDM). “Presenting their designs and skills will increase their confidence. This experience will help the students become better designers, and in whatever careers they choose. I’m very proud of them.”