Pterocarpus indicus

(syn. Pterocarpus blancoi, Pterocarpus echinatus, Pterocarpus vidalianus), narra, New Guinea rosewood, bluewater, sand dragon, Burmese rosewood

  • Family Fabaceae (Papilionoideae).
  • Native to Southeast Asia, Caroline Islands in Micronesia to Vanuatu and Fiji in Melanesia.
  • Wood used as furniture, cabinetwork, veneer, piano cases, interior finishes, building timber, carpentry, joinery, flooring, panelling, woodware, musical instruments, carvings, turnery, marquetry, wood based material, laminated wood, plywood, fuel, wood extractives (oil).
  • Weed Risk Assessment Score: 4 (low risk).

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Pterocarpus indicus seedpods Pterocarpus indicus seed Pterocarpus indicus flowers Pterocarpus indicus branch Pterocarpus indicus leaf and seedpod Pterocarpus indicus plus tree

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